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About Me

18 hours study Experience


Microbiology (Bacterience YouTube Channel)

What is Microbiology

[Prokaryote] Peptidoglycan synthesis

[Prokaryote] Peptidoglycan structure and function

[Prokaryote] Prokaryotic cell components

[Eukaryote] Eukaryotic cell components

[Eukaryote] Animal and Plant cell differences


Sheet Musics (Sezzart YouTube Channel)

My Heart Will Go On (Titanic OST)

Piano Cover – Beautiful Beautiful (The Best Hit OST)

Piano Cover – Our Tears (Hwarang OST)

Piano Cover – Divine Move (Hwarang OST)

Piano Cover – Even if I die, it’s You (Hwarang OST)

Piano Cover – The Cry Laughed (Painter of the Wind OST)

Piano cover – Song of the Wind (Painter of the Wind OST)


Folk songs Sheet Musics

Po karekare ana

Piano Cover – Serenade to Spring