My Heart Will Go On (Titanic OST)

This is very popular and beautiful song from the movie Titanic starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, composed by James Horner and sung by Céline Dion. I made this arrangement to play with my siblings for our mini orchestra/ensemble. Despite being rushed (finished it in 6 hours because I have lots of siblings who keeps on … Continue reading My Heart Will Go On (Titanic OST)



Hello everyone~ This song is arranged to thank you guys for 45 subscribers! This is one of my favourite song, Beautiful Beautiful which is from Korean Drama "The Best Hit", but it didn't get noticed much. It was composed by Glabingo who also sang in this song with Punch. I really like their collaboration as … Continue reading PIANO COVER/midi version – BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL (The Best Hit OST)

Piano Cover – Our Tears (Hwarang OST)

Hello everyone,  Here is another song from Korean Drama “Hwarang”. This song is also composed by Oh Jun-Sung (he pretty much composed almost all the songs from Hwarang). For this one, I used Hyorin’s version. (If you want Park Seo-Jun's version, it starts with D/re and have B/si and E/mi flat) This will be the last … Continue reading Piano Cover – Our Tears (Hwarang OST)

Piano Cover – The Cry Laughed (Painter of the Wind OST)

Hi everyone! This is another song from The Painter of the Wind, composed by Jin Myeong-Yong. In this piece, I tried more classical approach than any other songs, using Arpeggios style. It is fun and cheerful music to play. Enjoy~ Sezzart YouTube link: Piano Cover - The Cry Laughed Sheet music: The Cry Laughed (Painter of the … Continue reading Piano Cover – The Cry Laughed (Painter of the Wind OST)

Piano Cover – Divine Move (Hwarang OST)

Hello everyone! Here is my favourite song from Korean Drama "Hwarang". This song is composed by Oh Jun-Sung (one of my favourite drama sound track composer) and I used Yang Yo-Seob's version of Divine Move. I am proud to say that this is so far my best arrangement! I hope you enjoy~ Sezzart YouTube link: Sheet music: … Continue reading Piano Cover – Divine Move (Hwarang OST)

Piano Cover – Serenade to Spring

Hello everyone! This song is a melody composed by Rolf Løvland, I used Secret Garden's version of the song (1995). This is also known as "Danse mot vår" (Dance towards spring) Norwegian song by Rolf Løvland. I played this song with my sisters (violin and flute) for our parent's anniversary not too long ago, so … Continue reading Piano Cover – Serenade to Spring