Piano Cover – Our Tears (Hwarang OST)

Hello everyone,  Here is another song from Korean Drama “Hwarang”. This song is also composed by Oh Jun-Sung (he pretty much composed almost all the songs from Hwarang). For this one, I used Hyorin’s version. (If you want Park Seo-Jun's version, it starts with D/re and have B/si and E/mi flat) This will be the last … Continue reading Piano Cover – Our Tears (Hwarang OST)


Piano Cover – The Cry Laughed (Painter of the Wind OST)

Hi everyone! This is another song from The Painter of the Wind, composed by Jin Myeong-Yong. In this piece, I tried more classical approach than any other songs, using Arpeggios style. It is fun and cheerful music to play. Enjoy~ Sezzart YouTube link: Piano Cover - The Cry Laughed Sheet music: The Cry Laughed (Painter of the … Continue reading Piano Cover – The Cry Laughed (Painter of the Wind OST)

Piano Cover – Divine Move (Hwarang OST)

Hello everyone! Here is my favourite song from Korean Drama "Hwarang". This song is composed by Oh Jun-Sung (one of my favourite drama sound track composer) and I used Yang Yo-Seob's version of Divine Move. I am proud to say that this is so far my best arrangement! I hope you enjoy~ Sezzart YouTube link: https://youtu.be/PVxtpAaOIhw Sheet music: … Continue reading Piano Cover – Divine Move (Hwarang OST)

Piano Cover – Serenade to Spring

Hello everyone! This song is a melody composed by Rolf Løvland, I used Secret Garden's version of the song (1995). This is also known as "Danse mot vår" (Dance towards spring) Norwegian song by Rolf Løvland. I played this song with my sisters (violin and flute) for our parent's anniversary not too long ago, so … Continue reading Piano Cover – Serenade to Spring